Google Home Hub

Well I picked up a Google Home Hub this morning and got two free Google home mini. I bought this one as a gift since I already own one hub. If you are looking for a deal this one is pretty sweet of a deal.

Roller Coaster?

In 2020, Carnival Cruise will debut a 800 feet roller coaster on their new Marti gras. It will be able to reach speeds of 40 miles per hour. This sounds interesting and might have to go on that ship in the future.

The Craze

Well it looks like Microsoft is killing their Edge web browser and is going with chromium browser. This has me worried because of their track record of buying things up. I do see in the future that they will eventually buy the project. There are several big companies on the Linux and open source craze….

WordPress Prices

 I got an email from WordPress stating that the price of my plan is going up another $30 starting this December. With that in mind, I do not see myself renewing the plan anytime soon. I could renew my plan this month but I have no funds at this time to do so. They waited…

Built a media server

Over the holidays, I put together a media server to store and steam my movie collection. I built this server on an old AMD A4 processor and motherboard. I was able to install 16 gigabytes on memory. It is not the most powerful server but has enough to run a media server on it. The…

7 Days to Die Alpha 17

Well, 7 Days to Die alpha 17 early streaming for select content creators has come out yesterday. I have been watching videos on Youtube and it looks really good so far. While chopping trees, it looks like you get experience now. Also, the zombies can jump and climb things better than before. There is a…