Pixel 2

People complain about the bezels, the finish, and so forth. They will also say other phones are better based on specs. Most of these people really do not fully understand what the specs are nor do most care about such things. Most people just want a device that will get them on social networks.

Yeah, there is the selfie generation that would care about camera specs in these devices. But they do not make up the whole market by themselves. Anyone can search countless videos and blogs taunting such things. But most people I work around only use their devices for social networks.

Since from the day that I received my Pixel 2, people that I work with want to compare the camera on my device to theirs. I just ask them do you take a lot of pictures, and they will reply that they do not. So what is the point if you are not really into taking pictures. Has the market really come down to what camera is in a phone as they driving force behind purchasing such devices.

Yes, the camera on the Pixel 2 is really good but there is a chip on these new devices that is not activated yet. Therefore, it is pointless to compare so early in the software development cycle. I purchase Google devices for the fact that these devices will get security updates and for they little things that keep surprising me on these devices.

If you want to know what is good about these devices. You will have to buy and use one to be able to understand them.

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