Pixel 2

I have been using the Pixel 2 for a week now, and so far it has performed remarkable. In was skeptical and did not want to retire my Nexus 5 but it was dying on me and the reviews on the internet had wanting to look elsewhere for a phone.

In the end, I decided to go with the Pixel 2 and have not seen any of the problems others have posted about this device. The transfering files and apps from on phone to the new one was a breeze with the included transfer device. I have never had a good experience with transferring stuff to a new phone until now. The Pixel 2 is fast and very responsive with Android Oreo. The camera takes awesome and fast pictures and the display is amazing.

However, I do not see why this phone cost over $600. It does not feel like a $600 phone maybe in the $300 range. Unless the camera is where the cost is at for this device. Anyway, I do not use the camera that much to justify the price. I will keep this phone for as long as I can because all I see that will change in the phones is the ever climbing price.

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