Edge Browser in Windows 10 17074

I finally decided to try Windows 10 insider preview to see what changes are coming down to the users. In the past, the Edge browser is one browser that I would like to use on everyday tasks but in this version of the browser my extensions do not work any more. This is a huge determination factor for me on what browser I use everyday, and Microsoft killed the effectiveness of this browser. In a previous version the extensions worked like a champ but something went wrong in this version. I spend about an hour trying to figure out how to get the extension to work. After several attempts, I did discover that I had to uninstall all extensions and reinstall them to get extensions to work. Edge browser has been out for awhile now, and this is still a big problem. A user should not have to uninstall and reinstall everything there is a new version of Windows 10.

Also the Cortana button on the search bar works amazingly well, all a person has to do is search for something on the webpage you are viewing. Then Cortana will show you similar articles on the web that match the article you are viewing. I do like this option. Hopefully Microsoft will keep this option in upcoming versions.

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