My old laptop

Well, it is official that my trusty old laptop will never see any newer releases of Ubuntu. My laptop has the Sumo chip in it, and from what I have read is that AMD and the community is not going to support any graphics cards older thatn HD7000.

My laptop is running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS now but this LTS version is only going to be supported until the beginning of 2019. After that, I will not be able to upgrade it to any newer versions. The main purpose of this laptop is running Handbrake to make copies of the movies that I buy and place them on my media server. Therefore, I could get away with running an older version of Ubuntu past its end of life cycle. Because I do not see myself buying a new laptop just for this purpose. In the future I might get a new laptop, and if I do it will be a System 76 laptop.

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