My favorite game is on Linux

I have a favorite nostalgia game that I play. Tex Murphy is a game slash interactive movie. The main character is Tex an private detective that seems to get himself in the middle of some conspiracy. The game has seven possible endings and different love affairs. The older games in this series are played on Dosbox and til I tried it on Linux was having a problem playing the games.

On Windows, the would freeze or have errors pop up all the time. However, on Linux it plays just like it did originally on Windows XP. Yes, these games are that old but they are still fun to play with hours of enjoyment. I just wish the newer episode was on Linux also. At the time of this writing it is not available to Linux. You can pickup this game on steam for under ten dollars.

The ones I would suggest on getting is Pandora Directive and Under a Killing Moon. They have best graphics of the series that are available on Linux.