7 days to Die

This is an addictive first person zombie survival game. I have been playing it for the last few weeks, and I am truely excited about this game. I have not been very excited about a game since the Tex Murphy series. I decided to go with an underground base because the zombies would not leave me alone at all. I could not get ahead until I started digging underground. The first few days and almost the first week, I could not hardly find any food. I went hunting and could not see any animals. I did find alot of eggs. Therefore my character was able to get some food. During the second horde night I decided to build a cage on top of a tower made of brick with lots of wood spikes all around it. Well this worked for about an hour. Until the zombies started to dig under the tower, and it all came crumbling down. I found myself in the dark surrounded by zombies. That was a freightful situation. I died almost on the spot. The third horde night I spent underground planning my next move. I will update this post in the future as the game progresses.