FBI urges Consumers to Reboot their Router

The FBI put out a statement that is targeted at consumber home routers to counter a Russian made malware. This malware was first discovered by Cisco’s Talos security team, and this malware has infected more than 500,000 home routers and network attached storage devices. The FBI has listed routers made by Linksys, Mikrotik, Netgear, QNAP, and TP-Link home routers that have bee infected by the Russian made malware dubbed VPNFilter. This Malware has the potential to collect information, attack other networks, and even destroy the hardware. However just rebooting the router will only cripple the malware, it does have a mechanism to reach out and reload the malware back onto the router.

This can make this attack persistant in nature because most of these home routers will never see a firmware update. Just looking at the names of manufactorers above affirms this claim. Those manufacturers have a bad habbit of not updating firmware on devices they sell. This has been an ongoing problem for several years. Not only do these devices from these manufacturers will have this new malware but they are also plagued by botnet software already.

Therefore, it is time to upgrade by buying a new router from more replicable manufacturers. Also most people will care about doing so nor look to see if their router has new firmware. This is a honeypot for hackers, and they know this. That is why they are going after these types of routers in the first place. I do not own nor buy equipment from these manufacturers for this reason. My home network work is built on Ubiquiti equipment. This manufacturer updates their firmware almost on a monthly basis. However, not many people are willing to spend more than $50-80 dollars on a router for their home, and some small businesses think about the same. The internet is a warzone and everyone is asleep on the frontline.