Log 3

After completing my tunnel system to where I could get my minibike all the way down and across, I decided to go hunt some zombies. Mainly to get some bones to make more glue, it seems like they are all sleeping today. I only saw and killed two zombies. So I decided to work on my garden, where I am growing flowers to make tea and paint with at the moment. Then I went on a ride on my minibike to see if I could spot any deer but luck would have it that they too are not around today either.

I gave up and went back to making glue and working on securing my tunnel. It was a good thing too because the zombies were digging down some exposing my tunnel system. I worked quick to reinforce the top part of my tunnel. This part is where I can take my minibike up to the surface. It would not be a good thing if they succeeded in digging into my tunnel system. So my next project will be reinforcing the tunnel all the way down to make sure they can not get into my tunnel system.

I did a quick check of my killing floor, and what did I discover there. There was zombie dogs running around the inner part of my killing floor. I had to go back to the surface to put down some more wood spikes to prevent this from happening again. It is tough trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.Screenshot from 2018-07-11 12-56-47

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