LTS or not

I have used Linux for 10 years or so now. I have read hundreds of articles and watch probably many more videos on YouTube about Linux. When I first started out in my journey with Linux. I was considered as a distro hopping junkie.

There were so many different distros out there, and I wanted to try them all. At first the longest I kept a distro was about a week. I tried most of the different versions of Linux. I was on the Arch band wagon for almost two years. Arch is a different creature to itself. There is alot of support for Arch, and the Arch wiki is amazing. Just do not go to the Arch community without reading the wiki first. They will tear you apart.

I was also on the Debian wagon also for two years. I did like how stable it was over Arch. Arch can be stable until you get an update at some point that makes it unstable until you figure it out again. Then again I liked the stability of Debian. But when there was an update to the system, Debian would take a long time to push it out. I wanted updates more frequent.

However, what pried from Debian was how long it took to get an update. So I went with Ubuntu and have been there ever since leaving Debian and all the distro hopping behind me. Now I stick with Ubuntu LTS, long term support, because I consider the versions in between LTS versions as beta versions. These versions will show you what could or is coming to the next LTS version. If you are good at bug reporting or finding bugs, then those are the versions, in between LTS’s, you want to install on your system. For your daily computer, I would recommend an LTS version. Also, LTS versions are supported from 3-5 years depending on the distro.

I had people in the past contact me about computer problems with Linux. Mostly from a friend of theirs would install a non-LTS version. When I advise them to install the LTS version on to their computer. Then the problems they were having would stop.

If you are thinking about switching to Linux. I do advise to use a LTS version of the distro you want until you get more experience with Linux. Also you do not ne

ed to mess with the terminal anymore with the new LTS versions out there unless you just want to do it. I have not messed with the command line in the terminal in years, and gaming in Linux is awesome. If you are a gamers I do recommend to use a LTS version. Because the developers target the LTS versions for there games.

There are more games porting to Linux every year. Thanks to Steam, Feral Interactive, and others. There is a myth out stating that there is not enough Linux gamers out there to make money. Well someone is making money on games ported to Linux. Otherwise these companies would not continue to Port them over to Linux.

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