New Graphics Card


About a week ago, I decided to upgrade my graphics card from R7 240 to RX 570 with 8 gigs of memory on the card. My operating system is Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. This card is quiet when playing games. On my Steam collection of games I can play everything at High or above settings with no problems what so ever. I really like this card, and I feel that I have made the right choice. I am only using the open source drivers. Since AMD made the drivers available to the open source community.

However, there is just one problem with one game out of 50 games I have in my collection. That game is my favorite game to play, 7 days to die. For some reason, I can not get the game to open in full screen mode. It opens in a very very small screen making it unplayable. This is a bummer because that is the top game that I play the most. I am hoping that this issue will get corrected soon. The only thing that has changed on my computer is the graphics card. Once I put back the R7 240 in the game will go back to normal. However, I want to use my new card. I will keep a close eye on this issue and will probably post a update about the issue in the future.

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