Three Cup Chicken

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I am sharing a new recipe of mine, my wife calls it the “chicken stuff”, and it is called Three Cup Chicken. I got the recipe from watching alot of asian cooks on the internet. I love to try new recipes, and one of my passions is to cook real asian dishes.

One could buy a book about it but they usually have the same recipes from book to book. I wanted to prepare and eat something that I saw on video. So I went on a mission to figure the recipe out and share it with the world. The traditional version just calls for one cup of sesame, one cup of soy sauce, and one cup of rice wine. However, I saw many cooks use the ingredients that I have listed below, and this recipe is delicious.

The picture above is not what Three Cup Chicken looks like in life. I could not find a picture of this dish, and I am not good at taking good pictures of what I cook. I have posted a picture of this dish on Facebook but I did not like the quality of the picture for this blog.

Three Cup Chicken (My version)

3-4 pounds of chicken
1 cup of Dark Soy Sauce

1 cup of Black Vinegar

1/2 cup of Sweet Soy Sauce

1/2 cup of Rice Wine (Not cooking Rice Wine) you can get it at a local liquor store

You can add sugar to taste. However, this recipe is sweet enough. This an easy recipe and should only take about 30-35 minutes. First you will need to rinse the chicken off thoughly. You can use whatever type of chicken you want but I use boneless chicken breast. Place the chicken in a hot wok or pot, then you can add all the ingredients in to the pot or wok. While on high heat stir the chicken until the liquid begins to thicken. Only let it get thick enough to coat all the chicken pieces. Do not let it burn. Once it is all done then drizzle some sesame oil over the chicken and serve. It is best to serve with steamed rice.

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