Steam Proton


Valve has been working on a project that will leverage Wine’s compatibility layer to in able Linux users to play Windows games through the Linux version of Steam. As of this writing, there is a beta version of this new program called PROTON in the steam client for Linux but only the beta version so far.

I have been reading about this new feature, and what I understand is that Proton translates the Direct X 11 &12 into Vulkan, Vulkan does run very well in Linux, and in Linux kernel version 4.17 and newer, Vulkan is in the kernel.

My next day off. I will install this beta version and try it out. Some Linux users say that this is a bad thing. However, I see this as a good thing. Because when you play games under Wine, there is a huge performance jump from what I have experienced. I also see Linux as the next platform for gamers in the future. What is your opinion? Comment below.

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