Flight simulator X-Plane 11

Well I have around 30 hours into X-Plane 11, and I am really enjoying it. I do know that the Zibo 737-800x works in Linux version of the simulator. It did take me awhile to get Better Pushback to work because I extracted it in the wrong folder. The controller that I am using in Linux is the Logitech 3D pro joystick. This joystick was a snap to get it running, plug and play baby. I am finding out that I have a bottleneck from the CPU. I am looking at upgrading my PC soon. The FX 8320 shows it’s age in this simulator. Other games I can play at max settings. However, this simulator does use alot of CPU power but it only uses one core from the eight I have in the FX 8320. I have read that some people have noticed the same thing. I wish the simulator would use more cores and probably the CPU might not be a limiting factor. In the future I will post my flights on YouTube. I have to do some testing to see if my computer will handle the simulator and OBS at the same time. I think it can but will have to see first. I will keep y’all updated on the progress. PS you will need more memory, I have 16GB and it uses 11.3 or so in the simulator.

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