Is the new iPhone worth it?

The new iPhone was announced about a week ago. As of this writing you can pre-order the iPhone Xs and can buy the iPhone Xr. There is some difference between the two; for instance, the iPhone Xr has the same LCD screen as all the previous models.

While the iPhone Xs has a new OLED screen. I have been impressed with OLED monitors except for the price. They are very good at graphics and better blacks and colors over the LCD screens that we have become accustomed to these days. Does a phone really need such kind of screen. One could make the argument that is was made for content creators. Most content creators that I know of use a laptop or desktop. While most phones users do not use their phones for content creation. They are happy with a few apps and a web browser. Putting a OLED screen in a phones does increase the price of the device. Hint, the price of the iPhone Xs starting at $1099 for a base unit and it goes up from there. Then iPhone Xr starts at $799 for a base unit. Which seems to be targeting the average user.

Also over last few years, all phones have been focused on putting in better cameras. This I feel is absurd because most users do not know how to use such a camera in a phone. They will just whip out their phone to a quick photo or selfie. These cameras are not cheap and makes the price of phones go higher and higher every year.

Well back to topic of is the iPhone worth the higher prices for just a few small changes to the device. My opinion would be “No”. However if you need a device that last more than a few years, and the company will keep your device updated. Then it would be worth getting the iPhone Xr. If for some reason you have to create content with only a phone, then you might justify for spending over a $1000 for such of a device. Otherwise, the money might be better spent in a good laptop for content creation.

I do own a few Apple products except for the iPhone. I currently use a Pixel 2 and would like to see Google support their devices longer that three years. They did keep my Nexus 5 updated past three years because these devices can last a long time.

There will be millions that will fork out the money for the new iPhone; regardless, if they really need a new phone because it has become a status statement or wannabe status statement. Even if they can not afford it because I have seen it in action with people I have worked with. They will skip bills or max out a credit card just to have the new iPhone.

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