Vulkan: A Standard

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Vulkan, which started out as Mantle from AMD and then was picked up by Kronos and became Vulkan, should be a standard for Linux games going forward. Think about it, there are several triple A titles that utilize Vulkan already like Doom, Dota 2, Mad Max, Quake, and many others. Developers are already learning and using Vulkan. Therefore, it would not take much to port the games over to Linux. In the past developers stated that they did not want to use OpenGL in their games, Linux now has Vulkan, therefore they would not need to learn OpenGL anymore. Vulkan can be used in Windows and Linux to develop games, and it should be feasible to port from one operating system to the next.

When looking at the games that are using Vulkan verses the games that have been ported, you can see a pattern. Some developers are porting the games that were done in Vulkan. This shows that the technology works for both platforms, Windows and Linux. So developers can develop for both with minimal effort from my observations. Look at Feral Interactive, they have been porting games done in Vulkan over to Linux pretty quick.

Steam along with other projects have been working hard at converting games from Direct X to Vulkan. This is a big win for Linux. Once they get all the bugs worked out. Then this technology will be a lot better and will be easier for developers to port many more games over to Linux.

Unity game engine started to put Vulkan support into their product. Unity already makes it easier to develop for Linux and Windows. Now they will be supporting Vulkan in the upcoming version.

Unreal game engine 4 supports Vulkan. This game engine is one of the widely used game engines amongst game developers. I am not sure how easy Unreal makes porting games to Linux. I do know that I own a few games on Linux that use this engine.

So it seems that Vulkan is getting popular, and the tools are available for developers to utilize in their games. All developers have to do is use it. Then it should be feasible to port them to Linux with minimal effort. I do see Vulkan becoming a standard for games in the future and for Linux.

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