103: A Mystery Adventure Game

Provided by Dystopia Interactive

There is a new game in town. “103”, powered by Unreal Engine 4, is a first-person mystery adventure game from the Indy developers at Dystopia Interactive. You play as the character of Lily, who has the ability to create a home for her memories with her imagination. However, something went terribly wrong one night, and you have to help her use her imagination to unlock her memories.

Do you like a good mystery? Then this may be the game for you. I have it on my wishlist for the upcoming release date of December 2018. So save your pennies through the holidays and embark on an adventure with me.

There is not much yet about the gameplay but the graphics from the screenshots that Dystopia Interactive have provided look amazing. This game started out as a Kickstarter project and looks like they exceeded their goal to produce this game. You can find this game on Steam.

The Dystopia Interactive website shows that this game will be available on Linux. After getting some clarification from Dystopia Interactive, it will be available on Linux; especially for Ubuntu 16.04 and newer. So add this one to your wishlist and wait with anticipation with me.

Provided by Dystopia Interactive

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