Tropico 6

Tropico6_June2018 (12).png

So are you good at being a dictator? If so there is a new addition to Tropico franchise coming to Linux on January 29, 2019.

Tropico 6 will add some new features such as new ways to manage archipelagos, ability to connect your islands with bridges, and new types of transportation and infrastructure. This will change the way you play Tropico from previous versions. In addition to, you can send your people out to steal monuments of the world.

Kalypso is offering instant beta access from their website for $49.99. After you pre-order, you will get a steam key in your Kalypso account. Then you can try out this new addition to Tropical and watch the development of the game first hand.

I have bought every Linux version of the game and will be adding this one to my collection. From the screenshots the graphics look incredible, this game should look good on my RX 570. I just think the price tag is a little steep for a pre-order/beta version.

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