Nutrition for Gaming

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Nutrition for gaming? You may say, “What is all that about?” Well, nutrition is important for our bodies to function right. We all take it for granted and eat whatever our souls desire. In some countries that may be ok but Americans with our diet. It is not ok and has become a problem over the last 20 years or so. So if we are not getting what our body needs, then we know our brains are not getting what it needs to function properly.
This article will be based on what works for me and my conditions. I am not a physician. So please consult your physician before taking any supplements.
I have aged and after several tours in a war zone. I have noticed that my brain is not working properly. I have been on countless prescriptions in the past for many conditions. However, none of the prescriptions have helped me with brain fog nor my ability to multi-task. I have also noticed my gaming performance has slowed down as well. After realizing my condition, I decided that I needed to do something different. Therefore, I started to research about nutrition and the brain.
Some people called this “Brain Hacking or Nootropics” but I call it basic nutrition 101. Before any nootropics will work, you will need a good foundation of nutrition. I am not talking about eating better but that can help. Unfortunately, our food is losing and has been losing nutritional value because of simple fertilizers being used today. You can read several articles from the US Department of Agriculture website about this loss in nutritional value in foods. So we need to supplement if we expect to give our bodies and brains what they need to function properly.
Over the years, I have used several brands and research several brands to find the right supplement for me. I did find a company that offered me with everything I needed and had a good reputation for the quality of their products.
This first supplement that I found that I needed for a foundation of good nutrition is a quality multivitamin. The one I use is from Puritan’s Pride One Daily Men’s Multivitamin. This product gives me 100% of the recommended amount of Vitamin A, C, D, E, B-1, B-2, B-6, Folic Acid, B-12, Pantothenic Acid, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium. This multivitamin also includes Niacin, Magnesium, Calcium, Lycopene, and Vitamin K. This gives me a foundation for a good nutrition to be able to add other supplements onto my regiment.
The second supplement that I found is a good B complex supplement. I also found this one from the same supplier as above. This complex is Vitamin B-Complex + Vitamin C Time Release. This supplement gives me at least the RDA, recommended daily allowance, and above the RDA on several B vitamins. The RDA is a number that suggests the minimal amount that our bodies need to function properly. Therefore, you need to get at least 100% or above for your body to get what it needs to function properly. This B complex I take twice a day. Once in the morning and afternoon on the days that I work. On my off days, I only take once.
The third supplement that I found is a good amino acid complex. It is “Yes” from the same supplier. This complex gives your body all the essential amino acids that it needs to function properly. The amino acids found in this produce is L-Alanine (30 mg), L-Arginine (54 mg), L-Aspartic Acid (83 mg), L-Cysteine (10 mg), L-Glutamic Acid (145 mg), L-Glycine (33 mg), L-Histidine (20 mg), L-Isoleucine (35 mg), L-Leucine (60 mg), L-Lysine (59 mg), L-Methionine (9 mg), L-Phenylalanine (41 mg), L-Proline (38 mg), L-Serine (39 mg), L-Threonine (32 mg), L-Tyrosine (22 mg), and L-Valine (33 mg). Amino acids are essential for every body function and brain function. Without them, we will not thrive, and if your body is low on these there are a number of things that will go wrong.

This is just the foundation of nutritional needs that our body and brain needs to function properly. I started out with these 3 and after a few months I did start to see a difference in my brain clarity. It was not 100% better but it was a sizable difference. Before starting these supplements, I wanted to start a blog but could not get my mind to work to be able to at all. Now, I am doing a blog and really enjoy it. Also, my gaming performance has improved.

One important nutrient we need in high doses everyday is Potassium. According to the RDA, we need 4700mg a day. However, we only get 1/8th the amount recommended. I try to get the daily amount through food but I come short. Therefore, I supplement 2000mg. Since I started to supplement potassium, I started to feel better and perform a lot better also.

There are a few other supplements that I have added to my regiment and will discuss these on a future post.

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