Why Linux?

photo of person typing on computer keyboard Everyone has their own reason to us what operating system they use on their computer. I used to be a Windows user and thought that was the only operating system that anyone would need. I did not know that there was other operating systems nor did I care if there was other operating systems.

While I was in college, I was introduced to Linux. This introduction was a class project to see what other operating systems had to offer for people. So one night, I downloaded Ubuntu. I do not remember which version it was but it had Gnome 2 desktop environment. It was not until a few years later that Ubuntu then introduced the Unity desktop environment. There was an up roar within the community about the switch. However, I did come to like the Unity desktop environment.

Over the years I have tried various versions of Linux and BSD, for some reason I do gravitate back to Ubuntu. I guess it would be that everything works and is stable. Also, all my games work with no problems and can hook up all my game pads and joysticks right out of the box. The only time I use Windows now is at work, and it makes my skin crawl and temper rise for the reason that it is so slow and breaks alot. I told my employer that I would bring my own computer to work. Well, they did not go for that at all.

I know that most of my readers use Linux but there are some that use other operating systems. I am not trying to pursuade anyone to Linux. I would ask you a question “Where do you see Windows going?” From my observations, I see Windows moving their operating system over to being a service. Instead of buying a computer with a fully functioning operating system. You may see a offer to get a Office 365 subscription to continue to use said computer. There will be people that get stuck and will have to pay for the Microsoft tax to use their computer in the future. I seen the writing on the wall and moved all my computers over the Linux. My wife was not happy but now she says that she can get more work done on Linux than Windows.

Also, what other operating system lets you choose which desktop environment, file system, and etc. Well you would not see it on Windows nor on MacOS. Those operating systems lock you in on what they want you to use. They do not allow personality on the operating system. Eventhough, they say that they are there for creators and visionaries. If they were then you should be able to customize the system to your preferences. Only Linux will allow you to take such control over your system, and let you customize it to your personality.

What operating system can you say is the backbone of the world other than Linux. It runs everything we do today. Whether online or using your phone. Unless you have a iPhone. These are some reasons why I use Linux, and it gets better everyday. I would like to hear your opinions and thoughts abou this subject. If you choose to share, just comment down below. I an thinking on doing a thoughts and opinions of Sundays, and the rest of my posts on Wednesday and Saturday.

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  1. 🙂 I am a proud Linux user. At the moment, I am using Solus MATE.

    Microsoft went into a weird direction where they have made most of their services a subscription-based model.

    In regards to their operating system, I do not think that Windows is going to be subscription-based.


    Because they are already making tons of money by selling their users’ information to third-party data brokers.

    And, as I have mentioned earlier, most of their services are already subscription-based.

    Linux is definitely the backbone because it is used to run a very large percentage of the servers.


    1. eebrinsfield says:

      We will have to see what Microsoft decides to do with Windows. However, everything Microsoft does anymore leads to Azure. I am keeping my eye on what Microsoft does because it might affect Linux. Since they have their hands in everything open source anymore.

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    2. eebrinsfield says:

      I still see Windows going to a subscription base operating system. It will be subtle when they do.

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