What on Earth?


I have been seeing some post from our notorious representative from New York the famous AOC. Apparently, she is on this kick about how bad people that broke the law and entered the US illegal is being treated. I know that she is against any type of immagration reform and against any company that sells products to the government to be used to making the detention centers better as well. She wants the government to treat them right but does not want any businesses to supply products to do so. From what I am seeing is that she is more of a activist than a politician. I think she is getting the two confused or she does not know any better. Which ever is the case this election is scaring the blank out of on how these candidates are acting. It reminds me of elementary school.

Voters will need to wake up or we will lose our liberty and freedoms. I know people want to stay true to the Democratic party but this party has nothing to offer. Really nothing to offer. They are offering things they know that our country can not afford. Unless they raise everyone’s taxes to levels that we have not seen in a very long time. I would rather keep my taxes low than high.

Well this was my little rant, I would like to hear what people think about our current liberty crisis.

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