What about 32 bit?


Over last weekend, I seen a text from Canonical saying that they will end support for the 32 bit libraries. This is not a new thing that Canonical has come up with but from the tweet storm from the community. One would think that it is something new. Years ago Canonical has mentioned that they will be moving away from 32 bit and go to 64 bit for future development in the operating system. We have seem this move take place. However, the 32 bit libraries remained in the repository and maintained; even though, the main components went to 64 bit. 64 bit is the future for the linux operating system. Except that the gaming industry remains in the 32 bit world for certain components. I have wondered; when the push for 64 bit started taking place. What would Steam do? Would they move to 64 bit or remain in the 32 bit world. If they remain with 32 bit for key components in their launcher. Then would Steam start maintaining the 32 bit libraries that makes their launcher and games work. I think that Steam should start maintaining these libraries since Canonical is the only one would is currently maintaining them for now.

We do know that we will still have these libraries in Ubuntu 20.04 but would Ubuntu still have them going beyond 20.04. I would hope that they will remain but someone would have to step up to the plate in maintaining them. I do not blame Canonical for the decision they have made because they have to move to projects that make money. If they could not make any money then we would not enjoy a free operating system. I also supported the idea that Canonical should at some point allow home users to pay for an extended support for certain LTS versions. At the moment, only large companies get to do that or even be able to afford the high cost that Canonical offers for such support.

I am not certain how this is going to play out but I do have my eye on the issue on future developments. I do enjoy Ubuntu as my only operating system and would like to keep it that way. If the 32 bit disappears entirely from Ubuntu versions, and Steam persists on keeping 32 bit libraries but have to move to another version of linux. Then I guess I would have to switch; even though, I would not like but at the end of the day I am a linux gamer.

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