I had a comment recently on my YouTube channel about why or why not to switch to Linux. The person commented that he would like to switch to Linux but felt that the mods for Euro Truck Simulator would not be compatible with Linux since they are .exe, and his gaming wheel would not be supported. Humm, I currently use several mods to Euro Truck Simulator like ProMods 2.41, Jazzycat Traffic mods (several of them), and real graphics mod. I use a Thrustmaster Ferrari Italia 458 wheel with games like Euro Truck Simulator and Dirt 3. I have not seen a mod yet that was a .exe file. I may be wrong but have not experienced it yet. I do know that Thrustmaster and Logitech have done a great job at getting their device drivers into the Linux kernel. I use Ubuntu 18.04 and had to go with kernel 4.18 and install steam-devices from the repository to get my gaming wheel to work with these games. For some reason, when you install Steam, it does not install steam-devices to let Steam see and use such devices. I feel that this person does not understand Linux and the improvements that have been done in the last few years for the gamers that use Linux.

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