ZFS coming in Ubuntu 19.10


Ubuntu 19.10 is what I call a in-between release, it is mostly for experimenting with new features and such. Some of those features do make it into the LTS versions. ZFS is file system that is by some to be the best file system for data storage. The file system was first developed by Sun Microsystems’ OpenSolaris project. Sometime in 2008, the FreeBSD developers adopted the ZFS file system, and they have put alot of work into this system making it one of the top file systems around. It has been adopted by many big tech companies like Netflix.

However, in the Linux camp, ZFS has not really took hold yet. I feel like they were waiting to see how the BTRFS would play out but that project has had many problems. Even though, today BTRFS has gotten better but it is just not taking hold yet. OpenSuse has a good implementation of the BTRFS filesytem so far in play. In October, Ubuntu users can install this operating system with ZFS as an option for their filesystem. I am curious on how this is going to work and what snags will show up if any.

I am looking in the near future on building a new media server to replace the 8 year old server that I currently have online in my home for my movie collection. It would be nice to use ZFS in this new server. My current server and future servers will only have Ubuntu server installed in it. In the past, well many years ago, I did use FreeBSD as a server before but I decided to go with Ubuntu as my server operating system. Mainly because all my computers were running Ubuntu anyway, it made more sense to me to just stick with one overall particular type of operating system. This made my life easy and easy to maintain all the computers in my house.

I am excited to see ZFS come to Linux. It has been a long time waiting to see it make it’s way to us Linux users.

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