Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue por Homme

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue pour Homme

This is a fragrance that my love wife picked out for me about a year ago, I did not really get into wearing it until recently. This perfume came out in 2014, I do believe, and I have grown to like it as a good fragrance during the spring and summer months. Well here in North Texas, I can wear it during the Fall since we do not really have a Fall season.

I do sense this fragrance of being a water style fragrance. On my skin, it has a pleasant fragrance like being on the beach. I can smell some salt like aroma with citrus and bergamot at the opening, and vetiver with cedar on the dry side. The performance is about average on my skin about 3-4 hours with about the same on my shirt. I do have to take a small amount to work to get throught the day with the perfume. They did come out with a intense version, and I will have to try this one probably this summer to see if the performance is better.

Overall, this is a good fragrance for men, and one that I will probably keep in my collection for a good summer day scent. The price seems to stay on the low side and can be easily picked up online at a reasonable price.

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