Kerbal Space Program (Linux)

Kerbal Space Program is an interesting game/simulator. Well, I consider it more as a game than a simulator. I picked this one up on Steam a few years ago but really did not sit down an actually play it. Now after spending around 30 hours with this thrilling game, I feel that it could become one of my favorites to play other than 7 Days to Die and Tex Murphy series.

I feel that to truely get immersed in this game. You do need to add some mods. Where do you get the mods? Does the mods work with Linux. The answer to this is you will have to install a program from the repositories called CKAN. Yes the mods do work in Linux with no problems. I have several mods added like SETI unmanned before manned series and Remote Tech.

This game really does not use much on computer resources. I played it on a FX 8320 with the highest settings with no problems. I do have a new upgraded system now. I feel that if you have a descent computer. Then you will be able to play this game and have hours of enjoyment.

Sometime next year, this game with have a sequel to it. It was suppose to be this year but the development team moved it to next year. I see this as a win for us gamers. In light of the debacle that other developers and publishers have pushed out not so finished or refined games in the past few years.

I am thinking about doing a series on this blog about the journeys in the Kerbal Space Program as I get my Kerbals into space to explore. I do know that I will be posting a series of this on my Youtube channel sometime in the near future.

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