Can you have a Gamers Midlife Crisis?

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Starting around the beginning of this year, I have been thinking back to when I first started to play video games. When I was young, the only way to play video games was to go down to the local arcade or bowling alley. There you would see the latest games that came out some time during the year or the year before. Anyway, that was about the only way to get to game until my dad bought us an Atari. I was amazed at the graphics and did not have to worry about getting quarters from my parents to go to the arcade. I could and did spend many hours during the weekends to play a plethora of titles. I would save all my allowance money to buy the newest Atari games that came out.

Sometime around ’85, my dad bought us a Commodore 64. Now this computer opened my eyes to a better world of gaming. It was leaps ahead of the Atari. I spent many weekends playing games on the Commodore 64 like Dig Dug, Legacy of the Ancients, EA Sports (Summer and winter). Also, I bought several games and copied several games from my cousin. This was the Era of Computer Gaming which became later know as PC Gaming. I did not get into playing games on, what was called IBM compatible, computer until Windows XP came out. I was introduced to the Tex Murphy series and was quite amazed at the graphics on my 386/486 computer.

Now I feel like that I need to play every game known to man as I get older. However, I need to finish some of the titles that I have on my Steam library that I purchased this year first. Deep down I feel the urge to buy more and more. I want to experience them all. Maybe it is not a Gamers Midlife Crisis, and maybe it is an addiction to video games. Could it be possible to be a hoarder of video games?

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