ASUS Strix B450F Motherboard

I recently upgraded my old gaming computer with a Ryzen 7 2700 and ASUS B450F motherboard. I have noticed while setting up the bios for the new ram that the board would under clock the GSkill 3200 memory to 2400 at 1.2 volts. Once I set the voltage of the memory to 1.35 and updated the bios, I was able to get the memory speed to 2866 Mhz. The speed advertised from AMD for this processor is 2933 Mhz. However, if you try to clock the memory to 2933 or above the motherboard will fail to boot. This is a bummer, I have not had an AMD product do this before. It would set the memory to the rated speed in the past. For some reason, this cpu and motherboard will not do that. Instead it will under clock and under voltage the memory. Do not use the built in AI overclocker either. That program does not work right at all. Other than that, I am pleased with the motherboard and processor. I am not much of an overclocker either–really have not been. All my games play at decent FPS at High and Ultra settings with my RX 570. I have seen improvement in the FPS. Since I have upgraded from a FX 8320 running on a 990FX motherboard. This is just some of my observations of the cpu and motherboard so far.

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