TV Series: Shakespeare & Hathaway

I am thinking about starting a new kind of series on my blog. It is going to be like the title suggests about TV Series that I have been watching over the past year or two. This first one is Shakespeare & Hathaway. This is a comedy about a private investigator “Frank Hathaway”, who is an ex-detective inspector and in debt, gets hired by a woman “Luella Shakespeare”, who becomes his partner and pays for Frank’s debt. They get into all sorts of situations which is comical. The series has two seasons out, and a third is coming sometime this year. If it follows the dates range of the last two seasons, then it will be sometime this summer or fall. You can catch it on the same site that I am watching it on, Britbox. This a BBC show. So if you are in the UK then you probably already know about it. For the rest of us, it is better to watch it on Britbox.

I have been really enjoying the show for the last two seasons and can not wait until the next season comes out. Why can’t broadcasting companies come out with more programs like this one? Everyone likes a good comedy and story line; however, they put out programs like reality shows and cop shows. I do miss creativity in TV shows. So, I give this show a thumbs up.

The starring actors are Mark Benton “Frank Hathaway”, Jo Joyner “Luella”, and Patrick McBride “Sebastian”.

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