Doctor Who: What the “F”

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I have been watching Doctor Who since the 1980’s. My all time favorite doctor is Tom Baker. However, after Tom Baker was the doctor, the series seem to be hit or miss with the lore, the past few years the lore and story line of the famous series has taken a twist that has not set too good with me. After this season finale, I am sitting here scratching my head. What did I just see ? What on earth is the BBC thinking? Did the writer give any thought with this season? These are some questions I have been asking myself.

After this season, I do not see myself watching this series anymore. Unless, the writer does a Hell Mary and comes up with something pretty spectacular for the next season. “Yes” there will be another season, this we do have confirmation from the BBC. If they do the same next season as they did with this season and last. Then I feel they should just sell the Doctor Who franchise to another media company that is passionate about the Doctor Who lore.

If you are a fan of this series, I would like to hear your comments about the direction they are taking with the franchise.

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