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To start this off, I am not a health professional. So I will not recommend anything nor sell you anything. This is my opinion and research from taking vitamins for years.

Vitamins? We get some of these nutrients from things that we eat everyday from veggies, meat, and nuts. Humans can not live without them but some governments want to regulate them. I am glad to be in the United States to where we have access to every vitamin and mineral out there on the market. And with that, there is alot of hype and misinformation floating around the world also.

Health providers will tell you that vitamins won’t cure an illness. However, illness is the result of a lack of certain vitamins. There are some medications that will deplete certain vitamins, and that can result into another illness. Healthcare providers will still say that vitamins won’t cure a illness.

Here in the United States, we have the RDA (recommended daily allowance). This number is derived by how much of a nutrient a person needs to prevent an illness. Healthcare providers still say that vitamins do not cure a illness.

Just taking a vitamin without knowing what other vitamins or minerals you will need to help that one out is going at it blindly. For instance, vitamin D3, our body makes this vitamin naturally from sunlight. Vitamin D3 will increase calcium absorption. However, once the calcium gets into the tissues and blood it needs another vitamin to transport the calcium into the right places, Vitamin K2. Without the right amount of vitamin K2, our body will calcify arteries and tissues. Therefore, you will need to take vitamin K2 with D3. If you do not want ill effects from calcium. Even though, our bodies need calcium, if it is not going into the right places then it will cause an illness.

Another illustration is vitamin C, this vitamin is not just one component like the marketing will have you to believe but a complex of several components that make up this vitamin. It is best to take vitamin C with bioflavonoids and rose hips to get the full benefit from this vitamin.

My last illustration is vitamin E. This vitamin is not just one component but has many components that make up this vitamin like Alpha, beta, delta, and gamma tocopherols. Also, you will need selenium to help this concoction of components out. If you just take one component then you are not getting the full benefits from the vitamin.

My last thoughts is that you just can not take one vitamin without needing another one to complete the process of said vitamin. Everything has to be in synergy with one another to get the benefits without causing an illness.

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