TV Series: Living the Dream

I stumbled onto this show last night as it showed up on New to Britbox. So far, I have only watched the first two episodes of season one. There are two seasons on Britbox as of this writing.

So let’s get into what I think about this show so far. This show is about a British couple and their children uprooting from Britain and moving halfway around the world to Florida. The husband (Mal), played by Philip Glenister, buys a RV park in Florida without ever seeing it at the time of purchase. However, he leaves that detail out to his wife (Jen), played by Lesley Sharp, until she finds out after the fact and already moved to Florida. One of the kickers to the show is that he has to make a profit in one year or they will get sent back to Britain. I am not sure if that is how a visa really works but it does make the show interesting. So far, the RV park is a dump and is in need of major repairs with tenants that do not like the idea of a new owner.

The two episodes that I have watched so far are hilarious. I am going to keep watching this season and see how the plot thickens. I will give a update on this show later on. Once I have completed the seasons and make sure the show does not fall apart to stupidity. So far, I give it a thumbs up.

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