Plex Media Server

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I have a Plex Media server running on Ubuntu in my home and have been running it for 2 years now. I was on a journey to find a program that would index and stream my media library, and Plex was everything that I needed and wanted in a media streamer. I liked it so much that I keep a yearly subscription to support the project.

Over the last year, there has been some changes to the media server like there are ad supported movies. I have a mixed ardency towards Plex for having this feature. Since this feature was added, there are bugs that does not let me stream atrocious to my Chromecast. I have used this feature to watch some 1980’s movies that I have not been able to find. However, I wish Plex would add a feature that would allow us to buy digital copies to add to our library. This feature would be amazing.

There are reports that Plex is probably going to add other streaming services like HBO to the server’s features. This is not set in stone but could come our way sometime this year. Still I would like to have the option to buy digital copies of movies and TV shows. Because I do not trust media streaming companies to offer the same shows- say like in 10-15 years. I might sometime in the future rewatch a TV show or movie. Just to have it wiped away from said media streaming company. That is why; I would like to have the option to have my own copy on my own media server.

I am hoping that Plex will add a feature to where we can buy digital copies. This feature has been mentioned before in other articles on the net. Let’s see how these new features play out this year. Do you have a Plex Media Server? What are your ideas about new features coming to Plex?

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