Pi Hole: Block unwanted Sites

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I came across this program about a month ago. Naturally, I had to try it out. So I install this very interesting program onto my Ubuntu home server and directed my Ubiquiti router to route all DNS traffic to my server. To my surprise, everything worked and unwanted traffic was blocked before it hit my browser on my home computer. In fact, it blocks unwanted traffic from any device on my home network.

Pi Hole is basically a DNS server that filters traffic. It gets the website that it needs to block from a list for the most part is updated from volunteers. A lot of these programs use the same list even PfSense. One thing about this program is that the design was done in a way that it came be ran on a Raspberry Pi. Actually that was the intent in the first place (hint the name), Raspberry Pi is a inexpensive computer that people use in their projects. The OS that the Raspberry Pi uses is Debian based. So you can run this program on any Linux distribution. I am thinking that when I redo my home server. I will put the pi hole onto a Raspberry Pi. I have one laying around not in use. This will be a good time to use it or just leave it on my server. Who knows?

Ok, you could roll your own DNS server. Some people do but this program takes all the guess work out of it. You do not have to sit at your computer going through the settings of doing your own DNS server. Believe me setting up a DNS server the right way and with DNSSEC takes awhile to accomplish. Yes, the Pi Hole does DNSSEC out of the box. What is awesome about this program is it has a web interface. This makes it easy to view what is going on and to manage the little DNS server. Yes, Pi Hole is free. However, I encourage people to make a donation to the project. I have donate to the project as a monetary donation. Because this program has to stay around for the fact that it is awesome.

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