Public Panic

Everyone has seen it on the news and in real life lately, and that is the food panic of 2020. People act like there will never be anymore food ever. So they stock up on stuff that they normally would not stock up on. It is called “Herd Mentality”. One person will be someone starting to stock up; especially, when there is a disaster or illness happening making them think that stores are going to close or run out of stuff forever. So they will start to stock up on stuff and so forth. This phenomenon actually causes more of a crisis than the actual disaster.

My wife and I have for years did all our shopping once a month. This routine has save us from going to the store during a disaster. We have altogether have at least two months of food that we can rely on in the event of a disaster like the one currently going on. At the moment, we still have to go to work everyday because we both work in healthcare. In the event, that our employer decides to send people home for an extended period of time. Then we have all we need at home to live off of for a few months.

However, the majority of people do not have habits of keeping things stocked up for at least a one or two months at a time. Most people only have around before a crisis just a few days worth of supplies, and that makes people panic. I feel more people show get into a habit of shopping once a month. Maybe then people won’t panic in the event of a crisis. This is just me rambling one about what I have seen and heard around my area during the Great Panic of 2020. What are your thoughts and feelings about the current crisis?

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