Every Day Carry (EDC)

Cold Steel Pro Lite

Every Day Carry (EDC) can range from a variety of items that can be used for everyday survival or convenience. I will be discussing about EDC in contrast to protection during civil upheaval. Today we are faced with a pandemic from a virus (COVID 19). This virus has put governments in protection mode to preserve their country. However this protective measure seems like a good idea, it will turn to a civil upheaval if lock down continues. People that have been sent home without the ability to earn money will start to panic and become desperate to obtain food and everyday use supplies. This could include robbing people or places to obtain such items. So for the rest of us, we will need to protect ourselves from such crime. Desperate people will resort to such measures once their supplies run out. Keep that in mind. I do know that most of my readers are in Europe but I will be speaking about what is allowed in the US.

Here in Texas, we can carry a firearm with the proper permits in public. To me, this is not a good option for the type of travel I do because I work in a place where such firearms are prohibited. So have a firearm as a EDC in my circumstance is not feasible. Therefore, I looked into something that could be carried everyday and can also help as a tool if the need arises.

We can not always carry a gun, and some governments prohibit the ability to carry certain defensive items. My everyday carry and has been for sometime now is a 3.5 inch click point blade made from German 4116 steel. This knife is pictured above and was designed by Andrew Demco offered by Cold Steel. I pick this beauty up from BladeHQ for around $30 but as of this writing it is on sale for $21. This knife has served me well this past year. The blade has stayed very sharpe after using it many times. I can still cut paper and have not sharpened it yet since I purchased it last year. The scales have a nice texture to it making it grip nice in your hands. It also has the notorious tri-ad lock that was developed by Cold Steel. This is what I carry and trust as a way to defend myself if the need arises sometime in the future. Also, you can carry a knife pretty much anywhere. I do carry it everywhere because it can be concealed to where no one notices it.

I am not saying that everyone needs to go out and buy a knife but it is a very good option as a tool and for defense. I bought my knife a year ago with the notion of using as a tool and for protection. I have watched countless videos before making my purchase and going with a Cold Steel product. I have been very pleased with it. About 6 months ago, I also purchased another cold steel product, a Viking hand axe with the same notion on usage. I will post a review of the axe after I use it in several scenarios. What do you use as a EDC with option to be used as a tool or for protection?

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