TV Series: The Mallorca Files

Photographer: Todd Anthony

I stumbled across a new Britbox Original that started this year called The Mallorca Files. This series is about a British detective, Miranda Blake, who finds herself stuck in Spain after the witness she is protecting gets killed, and she decides to find the killer after her boss tells her to come back to Britian. Miranda gets assigned to a German detective that is working in Spain as well, who is the most laid back detective ever. Well it just seems like it to me. So far the characters seem to like each other but want to distance themselves from each other. Reminds me of opposites attract theory. They want to get involved with each other but do not want to get involved with each other.

The series to me seems to be portraying to be a comedy type of cop show. However, it is not really revealing itself very good. There are better cop shows out there like Bancroft from Britbox. I will see how this series develops as time goes by but if it does not perk up some then I will X this show off my list. I do feel like they want to portray the female characters as strong independent women but they are going about it the wrong way. That is just my opinion.

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