YouTube Drama “The Real Tubers of YouTube”

Since the you-know-who virus has struck our lives, I have been watching a lot of YouTube lately. Maybe way to much YouTube, Nah not really but I have come across some drama that has been stirring on the platform.

There is apparenty some accusations are being thrown on a YouTuber called Suzy Lu claiming that she has been causing a ruckus by claiming copyright violations towards some other YouTubers, i.e. Tipster News, Quartering, and few others, that criticize her videos.

The YouTubers that had the copyright strikes against them do show some proof of said accusations by showing their channel history. These YouTubers do make a good case against Suzy Lu. However, it appears that Suzy Lu has a someone, who works for YouTube, that helps her do the copyright strikes against any YouTuber that posts a video about her. From what I have gathered is that YouTube neither denies nor confirms that someone on the inside is involved. Suzy Lu has stated that she has someone on the inside helping her perform these strikes, and apparently she stated the fact on more than one social media platform.

I can not say one way or another if Suzy Lu is guilty of the accusations but the evidence that I can find is compelling. I have listed the sources for you to view and read if you want to watch this drama unfold. I call this drama The Real Tubers of YouTube. I would like to hear from my readers in the comments below on this matter.


Quartering, The. “Suzy Lu Fans Take A DARK Turn..Youtube Still Protecting Her & Did She Get Hacked?” YouTube, YouTube, 17 Apr. 2020,

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