Getting the Antennas Done

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For the past year, I have been procrastinating on getting new coax ran to my 2 meter and 70 centimeter antenna and setting my 40 meter dipole back up. If you have not known; I had two surgeries within the past few years. So I have been hesitant about climbing on my roof to redo the coax on my 2 meter and 70 centimeter antenna. When I put up the 2 meter and 70 centimeter antenna up, I only had RG8 coax laying around. This is not the best choice for these bands but it was what I had on hand. The antenna cost me around $99 plus shipping. Yea, I do not remember the cost of shipping. Not long after I got the antenna up, I was starting my journey with the 2 surgeries.

Fast forward a couple of years, I decided to correct the coax for the 2 bands mentioned above. So I got online and ordered from HRO some LMR 400. I can not believe the cost of coax these days. Thence I took a swallow of my homebrew beer (Ale) and placed the $200 order for new coax. It did get delivered to my house remarkably fast like 48 hours from the time I placed the order. However, I did have to wait until this the weekend to be able to get this project done.

Before I switched out the coax, I was only able to hit repeaters that were like 15 miles away. After the coax upgrade, I am able to hit repeaters 60 miles away with my 25 watt transceiver. I also raised the antenna up another 6 foot from where I had it mounted on the roof. When I first placed the antenna up, I was not able to get on the roof due to my back and neck problems but after the surgery I am able to do more like get on the roof to mess with my antenna. I am pleased with the purchase and performance of the new coax. I highly recommend using LMR 400 for VHF/UHF bands. It does make a big difference.

Another project for the weekend was to get my 40 meter dipole back up, it came down during a storm about a year ago. At the time of the incident, I was not able to physically put it back up, and I missed working the 40 meter band. Anyway, I got my 10 foot ladder out and threw a line up in the tallest tree in my yard. The limb that I use is about 25 feet above the ground. I know you need at least 33 feet to get the right take off angle for the dipole. This tree is the tallest I have in my yard, and I did look to purchasing a pole that is 33 feet tall but at this time I am unable to afford such pole. I have used the dipole at 25 feet inverted and have worked stations all over the place. So I feel confident where the dipole is in relationship to the ground and being able to work the band. For the dipole feed line, I used the RG8 from the other antenna and ran it to my window pass-through to my office at home. Now I just have to wait for my new microphone for my 40 meter transceiver to come in, and I will be back in business on the 40 meter band.

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